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Refurbishment Fund

Refurbishment Fund

The Refurbishment Fund helps support groups most severely affected by COVID-19 continue to deliver their services as safely and efficiently as possible. Since the onset of the pandemic, John Lyon’s Charity has worked hard to respond to the crisis as quickly as possible to ensure all groups could continue delivering their vital services. The Refurbishment Fund has a particular focus on renovation and repair. Organisations can apply for a grant towards the one-off refurbishment costs to the space(s) they deliver their services to young people.

  • Organisations that have received funding from John Lyon’s Charity in the past and/or are being funded by JLC at the current time are eligible to apply. Please note - priority will be given to multi-use venues.
  • Organisations that have at least a minimum two-year lease or equivalent for a Small Grant or a minimum five-year lease for a Main Grant.
  • The building/venue must be used predominantly for the delivery of Children and Young People's (CYP) activities.

Please note, that priority will be given to smaller organisations with a turnover of under £500k.

Schools are not eligible to apply to this Fund.

How much can you apply for?

There are two types of Refurbishment Fund grants available:

  • Refurbishment Small Grants – up to £10,000
  • Refurbishment Main Grants – up to £35,000. We envisage the average grant size to be £15,000. For Refurbishment Main Grant applications, the total cost of the project including the contribution from John Lyon’s Charity must not exceed £100,000.

10% of the grant requested from John Lyon's Charity must be allocated as contingency funding for unexpected costs. For example, if you applied for £5,000 from John Lyon's Charity towards a refurbishment project costing £7,500, £500 must be allocated as contingency funding. Funding must be spent within one year of the grant being awarded.


£10,000 - £35,000
no deadline
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