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Capacity Building – Micro Grants

John Lyon’s Charity believes that all grantees should have access to high quality Capacity Building opportunities to be able to grow and understand their organisation as effectively and efficiently as possible. Capacity building is valuable and important because of its many long-term impacts, such as strengthening confidence, skills, knowledge, and resources, whether internal or external to the organisation.

Media Support

John Lyon’s Charity provides an additional strand to the Capacity Building Fund by providing communications support delivered by Goodwork to its groups across the Beneficial Area. The Charity will provide funding to help charitable organisations learn and grow from a PR and Communications perspective as well as offer media and messaging training. If you need help with writing, interviewing, shooting, editing, pitching your stories to the media, as well as training in how to communicate with the media in promotional, or crisis situations, then this Fund can offer you support.

Learning and Development Fund

The Learning and Development strand of the Capacity Building Fund seeks to provide opportunities for individuals to attend training sessions which are not a statutory requirement for their role but would enhance their ability to undertake their job effectively. This is often known as CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The Charity recognises these are often the ‘nice extras’ and whilst many organisations have a strong desire to offer such training opportunities to their staff, they do not have the budget to do so.


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