Our principles and values

Our Principles

with organisations and people together on equal terms
the cultural identity of youth organisations and young people
local development and ownership of youth provision
the foundations for community involvement

Our Values


The organisation takes responsibility for using resources efficiently to achieve measured results. We are accountable to our Members, Partners, and most importantly, to the children and young people of H&F.


To make informed partnerships and cooperation central to all our activities with the expectation to set aspirational but realistic goals; we are committed to improving the quality of all our activities and the relationships that underpin them.


We respect and value others and understand diversity is a strength, while working to develop our joint impact in terms of making a positive difference for the children and young people of H&F.


As an intelligence led organisation, we are open to innovation and new ideas, we welcome change, avoiding risk aversion, in order that we can, alongside partners, develop sustainable solutions for the children and young people of H&F.


We look to operate to the highest standards of individual, group, and organisational honesty and behaviour; consistently acting in the best interests of children and young people. A crucial aspect of this is the promotion of an effective, efficient, and so 'joined up' response to the needs and wants of children and young people of H&F.

Our strategy

Better collaboration between services for children and young people
Increased funding and resources for organisations delivering services in Hammersmith and Fulham
Provide a ‘go to’ resource of high-quality information for members, partners and the general public