Young H&F needs you!

Posted on: 09/03/2021 in


Our recent Growing up in H & F report found that over half of the young people in H&F were unaware of how to access local youth services

And those that were aware strongly agreed that they were 2-3 more likely to identify and access support for good mental health

Since 2019 we have been developing our website to become the activities go to hub for all young people in H&F.

Our aim is to make it a one-stop-shop for all young people, parents and professionals looking for activities or a specific support.

Whether it's in person support, online support, or simply helpful resources. We want to increase awareness of projects and services on offer in LBHF.

With your help we can decide what the website should feature, and who it should feature.

Help us shape this, to help shape the future of young people in H&F

Visit today to tell us how you would improve it.