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About Organisation

The Anti-Tribalism Movement is a non-profit organisation aimed to tackle tribalism and inequalities within communities. The ATM’s vision and track record are based on a cohesive and dynamic society where every person’s rights are protected regardless of tribe, clan, gender or political belief. With a dynamic support base, we have managed to spread the message of anti-tribalism within targeted communities and beyond.

Our numerous projects are dedicated to promoting the following foundations:

Dialogue: Creating space for dialogue is essential in order to build cohesive and harmonised societies. We run a monthly Open-Minded Debate series where the community can engage and discuss taboo issues that affect society.

Advocacy: We advocate for communities we serve by facilitating space for their challenges to be understood by decision-makers. We often collaborate with many other charities to promote progression.

Foster Tolerance: We promote understanding, tolerance and peaceful ways to resolve conflict. Our Don't Judge Don't Label campaign has received over 500 pledges and seeks to promote fair treatment and respect by combatting stereotypes and prejudices. We also hold various events and a poetry workshop to encourage community cohesion.

Research: We aim to produce research that will identify the root causes of tribalism and toolkits to educate on communities to combat prejudice and discrimination.

Leaders: Developing leaders to ensure the voices and needs of their communities are represented at all levels. Our youth programme Lead and Be Led programme aims to give young people the skills to manage projects, contribute to public debates, build ideas and relationships, gain employment and bring about a wider change in society.

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The Anti-Tribalism Movement
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