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About Organisation

Spiritus aim to create well rounded and confident young people who not only understand themselves but also understand what they are capable of accomplishing. Mainstream schools over-emphasise academic subjects and devalue creativity, however, we are passionate in our belief that creative subjects are as important, if not more so than academic ones. We believe that creativity: is about trying new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem-solving helps people to acknowledge and celebrate their uniqueness and diversity encourages self-expression and creating something from personal feelings and experiences We also believe in: - Developing a love of learning - Sparking personal passions - Using a ‘whole child’ approach through building life, work, emotional, social and thinking skills - Rekindling curiosity and creativity - Practising meditation and mindfulness - Appreciating and being in Nature - Exercise and physical movement Finally, we believe it is important to have a competitive spirit as this brings out confidence and increases energy, enthusiasm, and motivation. Of course, winning is rewarding, however, it is equally important to understand the lessons that can come from losing such as empathy, self-reflection, resilience, and determination. And we at Spiritus pride ourselves on teaching this approach to all of our young people.


245 Hammersmith Road London
London, W14 8PU

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