JAGS Foundation

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About Organisation

JAGS is an Acronym of James Andre Godfrey Smartt-Ford, and a youth-focused organisation, set up by James's mother, Tracey Ford, following his tragic murder. James was attending a friend's birthday party inside Streatham Ice-skating rink, on a busy Saturday evening, when he was shot in front of over 300 people. He did not live to see his 18th birthday. The JAGS Foundation aims to raise awareness and aid in the prevention of youth on youth violence by providing services and safe spaces for healing, education, and restoration across South London Boroughs. To disable the cycle of violence, we use a multifaceted holistic approach. Including through the provision of family support, co-educational and life skill training projects for young women and girls, and other mechanisms supporting the restoration and healing of harmed communities.

JAGS Foundation

26 George Street
Croydon, CR0 1LG

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