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About Organisation

Anthony Nolan is the pioneering charity that makes lifesaving connections between incredible people willing to donate their stem cells and patients with blood cancer in need of a transplant.

Our education programme, The Hero Project, empowers 16 to 18-year-olds to take lifesaving social action. The programme delivers presentations to help educate young people about registering as stem cell, blood and organ donors, enabling them to make informed decisions.

The presentations are free of charge and are delivered by trained volunteer speakers. The speaker will explain why stem cell, blood and organ donation matter, what is involved in donation and how to register. They will tell their own inspirational story and encourage young people to reflect on what they’ve heard and talk to family and friends about whether they wish to register as a potential donor in future.

A 30-50 minute slot is ideal to deliver the presentation and allow time for questions. The sessions can be delivered in assembly, or PSHE slots, and can be flexible to fit in with different timetables.

Anthony Nolan also offers an ambassador programme, which allows young people to gain skills and experience while taking social action to raise awareness, funds and recruit stem cell donors to the register.

Anthony Nolan
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