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Small Grants
Supplementary Schools
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Our team is experienced, knowledgable and passionate about the Children and Young People's community.

  • Gareth Dixon
    Gareth Dixon
    'In charge of overall strategic leadership and effective management of the charity. I am passionate about finding ways of improving the life experiences of young people who live, learn work or play in H & F and believe by working together that we can create a happier, healthier and safer borough'
  • Annie Rockson
    Annie Rockson
    Development Manager
    'Annie Rockson is the Development Manager and looks after the members of the Foundation. She works with a range of stakeholders to address the needs, concerns and assets of members. This ranges from overseeing research, carrying out networking events, putting on training and connecting members with the wider H&F community.'
  • Becky Brookman
    Becky Brookman
    Grants Manager
    'Becky is the Grants and Consortium Manager. Her role is to support Young H&F members to access small grants, including working with Supplementary Schools. Becky also oversees the work of the newly developed Young H&F consortium, which has been designed to facilitate partnership working and grow opportunities for sustainable investment in youth provision for H&F.'
  • Reena Begum
    Reena Begum
    Office Manager