Who we work with?

We’re here to support youth services and other organisations working with children and young people who live, learn, play or work in the borough. Here’s a selection of our brilliant Partners.

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Frequently asked questions

Who do YHFF work with?

We work with young people who live, learn, play or work in the Borough. We want them to be as healthy, safe and prosperous as possible, with access to the highest quality provision. The Foundation is a pioneering cross-sector network, working with youth clubs, charities, schools, businesses, local authority, police, funders and commissioners. Together we will shape opportunities and create the best services for children and young people ensuring the sector is sustainable and robust as possible.

How can I get involved?

Become a YHFF today! We currently offer 4 levels of membership: Strategic Partner / Associate Member / Member / CRS Partner. Click Members to learn more about each option.

What corporate opportunities are available?

Search our corporate funders page to find the perfect volunteering opportunity for you!